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Our Technology Center is a state of the art classroom with the newest computers for the community to utilize. Lena Park’s Technology Center offer members the opportunity to reach out to family and friends through the internet; learn basic computing skills, and to take a course to advance in the workplace. Lena Park is a center for youth and adults interested in pursuing their interests in science, technology, engineering, digital arts and mathematics (STEAM). José A. Rosa, IT Program Manager, plans programs, as well as provides individual and group classes; tutorials, and services based on interest from residents and members. Additionally, he schedules events around technology that allow people to learn about the high tech world in which we live. 

We engage specialists to support our classes, including Evan Duplessis, who instructs digital arts and Mickey Gomes, who instructs our coding programs.  “The Internet of Everything” program (a CISCO certification program for teens) also meets in our Technology Center, as do the children in our Kids Connect After School Program.

We are currently offering basic computer skills, robotics for middle schoolers, coding, and digital arts.  José would be happy to talk with residents and neighbors about their personal needs for technology.

Please feel free to reach out to José A. Rosa at 617-533-8133 ext. 23.

Tech Cafe Free Computer Hours








10:00 am-4:30pm