Olmsted Green Buildings

Olmsted Green is named after Frederick Olmsted and is located on part of the property that housed both the Shattuck and Audubon hospitals. Olmsted Green Phase 1 was completed in 2008, Phase 2 was completed in 2010, and Phase 3 was completed in 2012. Olmsted Green is composed of 152 units and all of the units are tax credit units. Olmsted Green is located in the communities of Dorchester and Mattapan and are located on West Main Street, Catbird Court, East Main Street, Kingbird Road, Sandpiper Lane, and Osprey Way.

Winn Residential: If you are interested in rental opportunities, please contact the office listed below.

Olmsted Green Staff

Property Mgr.               Patricia Jewkes

Maintenance Supt.     Errol Campbell

Asst. Property Mgr.    Francys Flores

Janitorial                          Omar Serrano

232 Seaver Street

(617) 427-4278