Lena Park 2016 Gala

We had over 200 guests, performers, staff and board members attend Lena Park’s first-ever Dinner and Awards Gala. We were able to honor four very special individuals and celebrate Lena Park’s first year in the new Community Center. Here are some photos for you to enjoy!

Awards were given that night.
Peter Erhartic, Board Member, (left), presented the Key To Success Award to Peter Munkenkbeck (center), with Board Chair, David Wright. (right)
The Community Champion Award was presented to Doug Rauch, founder of The Daily Table.  Accepting the award on his behalf was Ismail Samad, Executive Chef of Daily Table (center), presented by Kimberly Simmons, Executive Director of Lena Park, (left), and Board Chair, David Wright.
The Outstanding Leadership Award was presented by Board Member, Mark Arnold, (left) to Chrystal Kornegay, Undersecretary of MA Dept. of Housing and Community Development (center) with Board Chairman, David Wright.
The final award, You Make The Difference Award, was presented to Jerome L. Rappaport, Jr. of the New Boston Fund (left), presented by David Wright.
We thank you and our sponsors for making this evening possible!  
We couldn’t have done it without you!