old Lena park

Organization’s History

LPCDC was founded in 1968 by community residents concerned with affordable housing needs and youth development. The organization is a SOMWBA certified and we received our IRS 501(c) 3 not-for-profit status in 1973. Over the decades, LPCDC has impacted thousands of children, youth, and families as a key service provider of quality affordable housing and effective human services. More recently in 2009 LPCDC’s Board determined that it was best to temporarily suspend our social services and only provide affordable housing while they reassess their mission for the 21st Century. LPCDC identified unique services needed for the community through a comprehensive community assessment and planning process provided by an external consulting company. This assessment was completed in 2013 and has guided the organization in its reopening this April 30, 2015. Also during that time LPCDC sold a portion of its building (12,000 sq. ft) and completed a $1.4Mil capital campaign to renovate our half of the building (10,000 sq ft.). This was a strategic move on the part of the Board who wanted to downsize and better the facility, have more resources, and have an environmentally friendly building that is more manageable to maintain.
Also during this time (2013) Lena Park partnered with New Boston Fund, Inc., a private equity real estate firm and financed a project with Mass. Housing Partnership for the third of three affordable rental housing developments on Olmsted Green. Olmsted Green is one of the largest non-institutional developments in the area over the past decade. The project investment was $95 Million and created 600 jobs with 59 percent participation from local, minority and women craftsmen. Prior to LPCDC’s restructuring, we had a solid track record of providing services to the community. From 2004-2009 we managed housing and support services for the disabled and from 2006-2008 we maintained a workforce development program that assisted under-employed and unemployed adults in securing higher skilled positions.

New Lena ParkMission and Vision

Lena Park’s mission for the 21st century is to provide integrated programs, services and access to resources that will help youth and families in the Lena Park catchment area build healthy lives, healthy families, and a healthy community. Furthermore, Lena Park’s vision for its community is one in which youth have supports to achieve academic success that enables them to complete college and/or a career oriented job; youth and families have access to activities and recreation that provide alternatives to violence and that build positive youth development assets; and families have access to community, private and government resources and services that they can use to strengthen their families.

Core Values

We hold these core values in our own work and promote them during our interaction with the community and our constituencies. They represent what we believe in, what we do, what we stand for, and how we approach our services to the community:

  1. Innovation and Hope
  2. Integrity and Accountability
  3. Outstanding Service
  4. Responsible Stewardship
  5. Sustainability